Positive Affirmation

In the wake of Mohammad Ali’s death, I wanted to take a moment to explore how the champ set himself up for success. How Ali approach his life and his goals serves as a massive foundation for us to gain insight as to how we can make improvements in our own lives. Ali was a strong advocate for positive affirmation, which is the process of committing your greatness, before you have achieved your goals. Check out the video below, where I will explain this process in greater detail.

Step 1

Step two is to identify that you want to do. Who is the person that you want to be? Why are you here and why do you do what you do? Once you identify the the greatness that you want to accomplish, you are ready to tackle step two.

Step 2

Step two is to believe it. Start using positive affirmation or verbal vision. Remind yourself that you are the top of your field. Integrate this into your goals. Write this down and return to it often. By believing that you are the greatest of what you are striving to become, you have just opened the door for step three.

Step 3

Step three is to ask yourself if anyone has already accomplished what you are trying to achieve. The likely answer is yes. By emulating the greats, you will be able to set yourself up for the most efficient levels of success possible. Modeling yourself after the greats that came before you is an incredible way of defining your habits and ethics, ultimately empowering you to become the greatest.